Smoking Cessation Program

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

It takes a highly motivated person to take that first step to quit smoking.  Nicotine addiction is more severe than with cocaine, marijuana and alcohol addictions. Smokers who go without a cigarette will often have strong physical and psychological reactions to nicotine deprivation, some of which can be treated with acupuncture. 

Withdrawal onset begins within a few hours of the last dose of nicotine. Although nicotine withdrawal is different for every smoker, common symptoms of withdrawal during this acute phase include:

  • anxiety
  • decreased performance on cognitive tasks (trouble thinking clearly and concentrating)
  • decreased performance on psycho motor tasks
  • depression
  • feeling irritable, on edge, or grouchy
  • feeling restless and jumpy
  • increased appetite
  • intense cravings for nicotine
  • slower heart rate
  • trouble getting or staying asleep (insomnia)

What Does the Program Consist of?

The Smoking Cessation Program consists of 8 treatments twice a week for a month.   

The first appointment includes an examination and we'll discuss any health issues you may be having.  We'll also work to discover any potential triggers for smoking and how to address them.  Acupuncture can reduce the cravings and lessen the withdrawal symptoms associated with your efforts to quit smoking. 

You may be prescribed herbal supplements or tea to help control cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes small metal balls called "ear seeds" are taped onto specific points on the ear to reduce cravings.