Pain and Neuropathy Relief Program In Neenah

Enjoy Life Again with Five Branches Pain Relief Program

Do you want relief from your chronic pain?  

How about getting back on the golf course, playing with your children, exercising or just enjoying life again?  

Even after trying medications, surgeries, supplements, injections, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage you're STILL not getting relief from your chronic pain?

Let Five Branches help restore the quality of your life with the Pain Relief Program.  

In addition to pain relief, patients have also experienced:

Better Sleep

Increased Energy

Improved Digestion

Clearer thinking/less brain fog

Improved Skin

Not a fan of needles?  That's ok!  Patients participating in this program receive the benefits of powerful Tibetan transdermal infusions and infrared therapy, so that means very few needles are needed for relief!  

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