Dry Needling IN Neenah

What is it?

Dry needling is a very basic type of acupuncture that is rapidly gaining popularity. It involves the insertion of acupuncture needles into tiny tight wads of muscle called trigger points. Trigger points are found within taut bands of muscle and are often located in areas far from the location of the pain that causes a patient to seek treatment.

What Causes Trigger Points?

Trigger points result when a muscle is overloaded, either suddenly or chronically. All people have at least a few trigger points, given that so many common situations cause them. Potential causes of trigger points include:

  • Maintaining an awkward position too long
  • Poor lifting habits
  • Carrying an overloaded purse
  • Bad posture
  • Sitting on a wallet in the back pocket
  • Hitching up your hip to carry a child
  • Sitting at a computer for too long
  • Any type of repetitive motion
  • Poorly designed shoes
  • Limping
  • Falls
  • Car accidents
  • Structural anomalies (short arms, one leg that is longer than the other, an asymmetrical pelvis, etc.)

Why See an Acupuncturist for Dry Needling?

In the State of Wisconsin, there is another profession that is currently able perform this acupuncture technique with little to no training.  While it is only a basic form of acupuncture, there are some obvious safety concerns with inserting needles into the body.  Acupuncturists have 1000's of hours of master's and even doctoral level training.  We also have the education and knowledge to advise you if this type of therapy is right for you.  

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