About Me

About me, my history, and passion....

I am originally from Mukwonago, Wisconsin. It’s a little village just west of Milwaukee in Waukesha County.  If you’ve ever attended any of the amazing concerts at Alpine Valley, it’s the little town right before it if you're heading west.  If you've never been down there, put an Alpine Valley Jimmy Buffett concert on your bucketlist.  I promise you won't regret it!  

I studied business management and computer science at Alverno College in Milwaukee, and graduated in 2005.  What do you do with a degree in business management?  Sales.  I’ve sold Toyota/Scion, appliances, prescription eyewear, cell phones, I’ve been in inside sales, outside sales…sales.  

I transitioned from sales to health and wellness after living in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  A lot of the people I knew there were on antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and/or high blood pressure medications. I’d always gravitated towards getting massages to deal with stress and anxiety myself, and decided to make a career of it to help destress all the stressed out Chicagoans I encountered every day!  I ended up leaving the NW Suburbs however, and moved to the Fox Valley in 2010.  I graduated from Blue Sky School of Massage in Green Bay in 2012 and started working on my master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine's Racine, WI campus shortly after. 

I will be a lifelong student of Oriental Medicine.  I love learning and applying new concepts.   I’ve already invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours this year alone, in continuing my education.  I'm a  NADA certified practitioner, and will be traveling to several other trainings this year.  I attended my first Acupuncturists without Borders early in May this year.  I'll be partnering with them to start The Serenity Acupuncture Project - a free service to assist in drug and alcohol recovery.  It's a business I'm really excited about.  Did you know the just 5 tiny virtually painless needles strategically placed in each ear can reduce or even eliminate drug/alcohol cravings and PTSD symptoms?  This is truly a powerful medicine!  In late September I'm traveling again to attend a battlefield acupuncture training.   Battlefield acupuncture is great for pain relief  and is widely used in the US military, but it also has been shown to improve marathon runners run times and greatly reduce, if not prevent, their pain after a marathon! Imagine running an entire marathon and not be in pain the next day!  In mid-November, I'll be offering another type of acupuncture the incorporates dry needling.  It's going to be a great year and I'm looking forward to all the things I'll have a chance to learn and share with my patients!

Kaizen is something that we heard over and over again at the Toyota dealership.  That's the heart of their business philosophy.  It's a Japanese term that means continuous improvement.  Continuously improving my skills is something I strive to do for my patients.  I'll continue to learn and improve my skills to offer the most effective acupuncture treatments as possible.   This is my commitment and promise to you.